About Us

At Fallbrook Village Fitness/SIFT Personal Training®, each member’s program is designed specifically for their level of fitness and is progressively adjusted to meet their health and fitness goals. Your Personal Trainer will know your fitness goals and will be there to monitor and encourage you as you work through the three components of your personal program. The trainer may work with up to three other members at the same time, each one moving through their own program at their own pace. This small group training is what makes SIFT Personal Training® so affordable.
The SIFT workout has three components – CardiorespiratoryMuscular Strength & Endurance, and Functional Fitness. The first two are self-explanatory. The third, Functional Fitness includes – core strength, flexibility and range of motion (ROM), balance and stability, multi-functional movements, strength and cardiorespiratory exercises that compliment your activities of daily living (ADL’s). These are the key functions that are gradually lost as we age that affect activities of daily living. This means that over time, daily activities like getting in and out of the car, bathing, or putting away groceries, and recreational activities like golf, tennis, playing with kids, travel etc. become more difficult.

As early as in their 30’s or 40’s people notice little aches and pains. And even active adults may back off a little not knowing if the exercise they are doing will help or make things worse. This is the point when a Personal Trainer becomes most helpful. The fitness program will be tailored to strengthen muscle groups without causing further injury. The good news is that with a program specifically designed for each individual’s fitness level, strength and stability can be regained. What often hinders people is that they don’t know where to start. That’s where SIFT Personal Training® comes in.

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